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God's Compassion Towards Me is a compilation of five Spirit-filled professional mental health clinicians who share their own stories and how God empowers them to help others.

978-0-9754023-6-8 Paperback

979-8-9886371-1-0 Ebook

Words of encouragement & inspiration to let you know God already gave you all of the tools that you need.


God Is Love I John 4:8b helps you to tell the children in your life Who God is and helps them to have a relationship with Jesus. Spend together time reading God Is Love I John 4:8b while also sharing your faith with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and neighbors. God Is Love I John 4:8b allows you to leave a legacy of faith to your children and children’s children. It is also great for children’s church and Sunday school classes. God is Love: I John 4:8b.

978-0-9754023-1-3 Paperback

God is Love: I John 4:8b 978-0-9754023-8-2 Ebook


Dios es amor I Juan 4:8b es un libro para niños que demuestra el amor de Dios y les ayuda a recibir a Jesús como su Salvador personal.

Dios Es Amor I Juan 4:8b 978-0-9754023-5-1 Paperback

Dios Es Amor I Juan 4:8b 979-8-218-23096-8 Ebook


DR. LISA H FULLER CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: It is not how you start. It is how you finish. FINISH STRONG!!!