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God's Compassion Towards Me is a compilation of five Spirit-filled professional mental health clinicians who share their own stories and how God empowers them to help others.
Words of encouragement & inspiration to let you know God already gave you all of the tools that you need.
DR. LISA H FULLER CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: It is not how you start. It is how you finish. FINISH STRONG!!!


God Is Love I John 4:8b helps you to tell the children in your life Who God is and helps them to have a relationship with Jesus. Spend together time reading God Is Love I John 4:8b while also sharing your faith with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and neighbors. God Is Love I John 4:8b allows you to leave a legacy of faith to your children and children's children. It is also great for children's church and Sunday school classes.
Dios es amor I Juan 4:8b es un libro para niños que demuestra el amor de Dios y les ayuda a recibir a Jesús como su Salvador personal.


Document your ministry experience and faith walk every step along the way whether serving as part of your local church’s mission team, in partnership with another ministry, a nonprofit organization, food bank, or as part of international missions.
Everyone can benefit from insight, tools, and resources when serving in the ministry. The Missions Minded Manual equips you for your mission experience.


COMING SOON *Managing Anxiety while serving *COMING SOON